"Art doesn't have to match the couch"       -unknown

Long Beach
Watercolor on YUPO
30in x 8in
What can I say, I have been consumed with planning a road trip that has been the dream stage for over ten years.  And, in the midst of that was offered the opportunity to have a two month exhibit of my paintings-most of which were not framed.  I have framed about 2 dozen so far and have kept them all a simple white mat with brushed gold frame to give the show a very cohesive feeling.  Pictures of that in the future.  For now, look for hubby and me in our aqua Thunderbird on Rte. 66 the whole month of June.  And if that seems interesting to you, please check our blog www.66sunsets.blogspot.com that chronicles our adventure beginning June 2.  


Ces said...

Sounds like a dream. Congratulations and good luck. Have fun! Be safe. Love the cool temperature of your painting.


have a great road trip ! ....all the best with your exhibition