Life is good and full of surprises, happy happenings and lessons worth learning. I am living in a new place in a new space with all the faces that I love nearer to me now. I have just returned from a week of watercolor workshop with Helga Flower on beautiful Mackinac Island. I am refreshed and excited to pick up a paintbrush in my own studio (a.k.a. sunroom) My Kodak digital failed me just days before my trip so am posting a picture from a workshop of years past......same place, same faces. This one is of Helga.


Kate said...

Yay, you're back online! I want to check out Helga's website, but I think there are too many "www"'s in the link!

Can't wait to see the paintings you did on the island!

Kat said...

Thanks Kate, I think I fixed the link to Helga.