"There's no place like home" -Dorothy

Been gone a long time from this blog and from home a bit with three totally different "adventures"
I attended  a watercolor workshop on beautiful Mackinaw Island the first part of this month.
Victorian homes adorn the bluffs and I look forward to trying to paint this in the future.

If you look very closely and use your imagination, you can see the Mackinac Bridge on the right.
 Our instructor was Helga Flower, not only a talented artist, but a beautiful  and generous person.  I am blesssed beyond words to know her.  While on the Island, we stay at the Murray Hotel, owned and run by Pat Pulte, an artist in his own right.  Helga's style is very loose and she loves to experiment with whatever is around her....she is not afraid of anything!  I, on the other hand, am comfortable to keep dipping my brushes in my watercolor palette and leave the rest of that "stuff" alone.  But she pushed my to try new things.  We took out old paintings and scissors and created what we call fractured paintings.  

 I wish I had taken pictures of some of the other artists, they were so very different, every one of them.

A week on the Island and then a 4 day trip to DesMoines, Iowa with my best friend since 45 years ago!  We visited with her parents and helped go through a lifetime of "stuff" 
Then, back to Kalamazoo to pick up my brand new granddaughter, Harper, her brother Harry and my daughter, Kate to drive to Kentucky to visit my other daughter's family. 

Home now and could hardly wait to get back to my paints.  Here is what I matted today.
I promise, not so many words next time......just paintings.


tabulyogang said...

wow! very nice painting at the end. I love it that there is some story behind your paintings and pictures so i welcome very much the "words" hehe coz you know writing is an art too. :) Story telling hehe

Katrina said...

Hi Sheena. Glad you stopped by and left a comment.

renate said...

Hello Katrina:) At least the fresh air brought you a beautiful painting. I love the birds and the movement of the water. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your family!


sounds like you had a great trip with family and friends katrina ..must have been an inspiring workshop love what you've did with the fractured painting very effective ..beautiful seascape

Katrina said...

Thank you Renate. I, too, was very pleased with the seascape. A theme I think I would like to keep working on.

Katrina said...

Jane, sometimes a break with family and friends helps me appreciaate coming home and yes, the workshop in such a beautiful place inspires me to make more art.

Ces Adorio said...

What a beautiful painting!!! A painting without a story is just an image. Your paintings are individual journeys. They are so beautiful. You are inspiring me to paint again. I have not painted at all this year. Take care.